I want to implement QR code scanning and barcode scanning together with AppInventor's default feature 'Barcode Scanner'.

I used a translator partly because I'm not a native speaker, so there may be some strange grammar. Thanks for your understanding.

hello. I want to combine QR code scanning with barcode scanning using the built-in 'Barcode Scanner' block in AppInventor without using any extension.

I want the 'Barcode Scanner' to be turned on when the 'Scan' button is clicked, the internet window to open immediately when the QR code is scanned from the waiting screen, and the barcode result to be displayed on the results screen when the barcode is scanned.

I don't want the URL to be displayed on another screen when the QR code is scanned - I want it to go directly to the internet window.
Only when scanning a barcode, I want the scan result to be displayed on a separate screen.

Can you help me by attaching a picture of the block as an example?

I've been stuck on implementing this feature for a couple of months now and would really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. Have a great day.

As far as I know, the native BarcodeScanner only scans qr codes.

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Thank you for your response.
I tried it out and found that text like numbers are recognized. They are not recognized by default, but are output as text using labels. Is there a way around this?

use this extension,

After scan you will get output result (qr code,barcode,etc...)

so if result is QRCODE then you can open

if output is barcode, then you can do some action.
and similarly you can get a solution for your issue

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in first post:

For barcodes, you could use an online resource such as:

Take a picture of the barcode and upload it. You might, by searching, find an api you can use.

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Haven't read/seen this Sorry :hugs:

Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you very much for your response.

Are you sure that extension is malware-free and safe?
I'm asking because I've heard that extensions can contain malware, and I'm worried about that.

I was going to use that extension, but I was worried that it might have malware, so I'm asking.

in your first post

Please make you mind up.

I have used the ScanView extension, no apparent malware. In fact, I am yet to come across an extension posted on the AI2 or Kodular communities that does contain malware.

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I used a translator, so there may be some grammatical errors or oddities in my answer, and I apologise for that.

Thank you for your answer. I was originally going to use an extension, but I was worried about malware, so I tried to implement it as a native feature, but it didn't work, so I asked.

Thanks to everyone who responded.

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