I want to do the same design for the news page

Hello, I want to do the same design for the news page. Can anyone teach me the method, such as adding date and number of views .

app me-

What does this has to do with App Inventor?

I want to learn the method

You want to remake your website in App Inventor?

Please ask in the community you are using, you asked the same questions multiple times on kodular community and you already got answers there:

Different Bilders has major differences, and therefore you should ask in the community of the builder you are using, to make it easier for others to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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I I do not want to create a news app and publish through Firebase

So, you want other apps to read your news page via database?

The Kodular community don't have the answer

I learned an application, but the design is for my application, not professionally, and I want to do the same as the first image

Where is the other app?

Like the first picture

why not creating a .html file and then displaing with app inventor?

I want to do the same design

I can't help you now, but I will send you the answer when I will be able to :blush:

thread closed

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thanks YOU brother