I want to display the feedback stored in the firebase using dictionary to the admin page to evaluate those feedback by displaying as listview

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Admin Page ? Is that Screen 5 ?

Which elements do you want to display in your listview (which I presume is on Screen 5 ?)

Will a user only ever submit one set of feedback ?

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i want to display those feedback like name email and sub and message as list view in another screen for evaluating those feedback

now anyone can enter their name its not related the user login i didn' connect those

So four things in each item of the listview, for all feedback submissions, or just the values posted by the user

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no, a user can submit multiple feedbacks

all feedback submissions posted by all users its handeled by admin

With your current blocks, they will overwrite any existing feedback. You may need to re-think your data structure. I also suggest you create a Feedback node to set all this data in, instead of having it against the topline project node..


i just need to display those submissions of feedback by different users to the admin to evaluate

how to extract the data from firebase to display those as a list view can i able to do it with list or something

currently it will not overwrite any feedbacks

Since a user can submit feedback more than once, the list of all feedback given by a user should be the values in a dictionary with the corresponding usernames as the keys. So, your data structure should be:

dictionary of username and feedback
           list of feedback by the user 
                         dictionary defining the e-mail id, subject, and message
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Try it, see what happens...

Personally, I would use the web component to do this, then you can set each feedback with a timestamped uid.

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SCREEN 1 Blocks

SCREEN 2 Blocks





FBFeedback.aia (4.9 KB)

(of course, use your own firebase project url)


It's Working Thank you so much

Can i able to mark those feedback ie admin read the feedback like that.

When, where, how will the admin read the feedback?

separate page for admin login when admin logged into te the page admin want to evaluate thos feedback