I want to create an app that creates a list with two screens

I want to create an app that creates a list with two screens. The first screen will have the 2 buttons: one to add a new item and another to show the list which will lead to the second screen. In the second screen you will be able to chance or erase any item. I am working with BD but I can't seem to be able to make the list appear on the second screen, the itens keep replacing each other and after trying so many things my code is probably a mess right now lol

Here are the codes of the first screen

and the second

So... anyone thinks they can help me?
Dont mind the mistakes, english is not my first language

See here:

Test this and see if it works for you. If yes modify design and code according to your needs

tinydb_list.aia (5.8 KB)

Yeah guys, it doesnt seem to be working. The first screen is working just fine, but when I open screen2 no tasks were added... I want them to appear into a list. There's no list on screen1 just on 2 so I what I want are the blocks for screen2

Small tweaks, and I added list edits to the second screen as well.

tinydb_list (1).aia (6.3 KB)


Or just do it all on one screen with virtual screens, this doesn't merit a whole different screen....

tinydbList3.aia (4.8 KB)

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Thank you, it helped a lot but there's still something bugging me and it is the fact that when I change screen the list doesn't stay... The moment I change screens it disappears or replace the last task... Is it the result of using 2 screens? Is there really no way to transfer the list to another screen without affecting it?

Anyway, thanks for the solution so far it really helped with most of it

Lol that may be the best solution really... I'm just a bit sad that it couldn't turn out how I imagined

To your users (compiled app), it won't really appear any different, just makes development a little easier.

Everything seems to be working now, thank you y'all for helping it may be diffente from what I imagined at first but I quite like the result also learned a lot today :smile:

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