I want to create a treasure hunt app

Going on a picnic and finding hidden treasures was one of the greatest joys.

As a father of elementary school students, I thought about ways to have fun with my children.

The answer is the treasure hunt app

The app informs you of today's location (playground) and asks if you want to participate along with the participant's name.

When you enter the game, the clock will quickly tick and you will be asked to enter a 5-digit password. Tiktok Tiktok

Then, the user must go around today's location and find 5 QR codes.

If you take a picture of the QR code, you will be entered into a question, and when you answer the question, you will be given a password.

When you finally enter the password, the treasure hunt ends and you move to a screen congratulating you on your victory.

Users can check their ranking through the ranking tab.

Can you make that app?

Welcome Suwoong.

You should be able to make an app like that.