I want to clear the cards I added

I want it to be cleared every time it runs

you have a Remove block in CompCreator.

How do I remove it? I just want to clear the cards I created in the arrangement, or I can remove the arrangement and add another one of the same size, but I don't know how to do it.

what do you mean by "clear"?

What I want is to clear the added cards from the vertical scroll arrangement

so you want to REMOVE them?

You can just remove image,

or you can create another dynamic container in this Verticalscrollarrange2, and add you cards in this container. and remove this container any time you want.

or just use the Children function to get a list, loop in this list, remove one by one.

What I want to do is a post search feature. I did this, but when I search for the second time, the cards that appeared as a result of my previous search do not disappear.

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