I want to classify the materials according to their number

Hello there,
I need an application that is easy for you and complex for me. I'll be glad, if you help me. I have about 10000 different materials. I separate these materials among themselves by code number. Like 1, 2, 3, 4, ...
What I want is when I write any code, the number of this material will appear. And I want to increase or decrease the number of this material by one using the plus 1 or minus 2 buttons.
If it happens, I want to classify the materials according to their number. For example, up to 10 materials may be in group A, those between 10-20 in group B, and those with more than 20 in group C Thank you in advance for your support.

This sounds like an inventory system.

How many people would be maintaining your inventory counts at the same time on different devices?

Actually, I explained it that way because it was similar to the expectation inventory system. When learning a new language, as you get the words right, the counter will make a plus one, and a minus one if it's wrong. I do not add the words on the application on purpose. It would get complicated. Words will be written on paper. I will arrange 10 correct groups, 10-20 groups and more than 20 groups according to the style of work. Thank You.

I still don't understand the data model here.

Could you enter some data into a spreadsheet as an example, and post it here?

1: The part that will appear on the application screen.
2: Background data in the application.
I hope it was clear.

Here are some sample procedures to try.

The blocks should be draggable from this board into your blocks editor workspace...