I want to change the URL of an image from AppScript

Hi.I want to change the URL of an image from AppScript. I do not have access to the app (I have published it and I do not want to release a new version of it) and I only have access to the app script.
above block in my app and url image.
I only access released apps through the app script.
is this possible?


If the image url is hard coded in your apps script, then you need to change this to your new url and republish your script.

Alternatively, just replace the actual image with your new image, giving it the same name.

There is no any code about the image in the app script.
i want change image adress in published apps and do not want to offer a new version.I accidentally deleted the previous image and the image link changes when I re-upload it.I had no problem if i located link image in a csv file .

Is the image picture in your app set as you show in your first post, with a text block, or does the url come from some other resource, e.g. a csv file that you can update ?

Hi.I locate url image in a (web component) and in screen initialize locate (call web.get) and locate in (when web for Gottext) image link.

Struggling to understand :upside_down_face: Please show all your relevant blocks, that may remove the fog from my eyes...

what is the app script? The aia file?
if you have access to the aia file, you are also able to build a new apk file...




new_project.aia (1.9 KB)
both work.

Hi thanks. I have .aia file and I can create a new version with the new image but I want to change the image in the previous version I published .Suppose I do not have the .aia file.
I apologize for my poor English.


function doGet(e) {
  var ss =SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(e.parameter.SheetUrl);
  var sheet = ss.getSheetByName(e.parameter.SheetName);
function doPost(e) {
   var ss = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(e.parameter.SheetUrl);
 var sheet = ss.getSheetByName(e.parameter.SheetName);
function addUser(e,sheet) {
    var date = e.parameter.date;
    var name = e.parameter.name;
  var famil = e.parameter.famil;
  var father = e.parameter.father;
    var point = e.parameter.point;
   var SheetUrl = e.parameter.SheetUrl;
   var Sheetname = e.parameter.SheetName;

i use above app script my project send data to google sheet(my project also have a link image) .
Is it possible to write code in this app script to change the image link in the app?

You will probably not be able to change the url in the app to do this.

Hi thanks.:rose: