I want to add a notffier to my gpa app so if you have a good gpa it congratulates you but if it is bad it tells you to improve. Any ideas to start the code

sorry, I do not understand the question… you might want to elaborate…
also the subject of a thread is only to give a short summary of the question…
the question you normally write in the thread itself…


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How would I add a notifier thta uses math to notify the person if there gpa is good or bad.

probably something like

if TotalGradePoints > someValue
then display "congratulations"
else display "not too bad"


I did it like that and it doesn’t work.

You must use the correct Block to display a notification message Diego.



you are comparing the wrong value …
(image was wrong, comparison should be against the division blocks, copied)

(corrected image)

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