I want the add networks java file

Hello I want to design one all in one add networks extansion but I don't know the basic so can any one help me. Pls provide the Facebook or Addmob or unity add extansion sourse java file I will modefy and design one extansion and that extansion I will provide free for all. pls help me team. Thanks

if you do not know basics then how can you create an extension this copy paste is not good
You can get source code of Unity Ad Extension from here Unity Ads Extension [Free & Open Source]
You can admob source code from here
[Free] Admob Extension - Add different types of android ads in your application

But, I think all ad networks in one extension probably isn't possible, if you can do it, Its GREAT! Good Luck

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It is really a bad idea.

I know he can not make all in one ad extension without anyones help even he do not know basics

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I know the java basis but I don't know in extansion building so I got any java scripts I will understand how the extansion building that the reason I asked thanks for sharing the sourse

You can start by creating simple extensions see there are many open source extensions

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