I want test the ios new things

How it is possible to be in ai2 beta ?
I want test the ios new things

Thanks in advance

How it is possible to be in ai2 beta ?
I want test the ios new things

Thanks in advance

Have you tried this advice which might work?

Make iPhone Apps with App Inventor!!

I want to test the ipa option

that my

I dont have that option

If you do not have that option you are logged in to the main App Inventor server.

You need to be logged in to the ios test server http://iosbuildservertest.appinventor.mit.edu/


You also need to be in the beta testing program in order to build iOS apps.

@ewpatton Should there be a clear note in the documentation on this?

No, it's just a small, not important detail :grin:.

Apparently, everyone has access to the server, but not everyone knows this ... which means that someone could think they can build iOS apps without enrolling in the program, and waste $99/year ...

I don't know. It used to be required to be a beta tester. As has often been mentioned, beta test admissions are now closed. There was no announcement that anything had changed, so I think it's still a closed circle. I think if it was possible @Anke would use this option.


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Yes, that might be possible (since I don't know whether it was made unmistakably clear in a prominent place either).


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When we talk about beta testing it is important to note that there are two different things that can be beta tested. The first is the companion app and that is done using Apple TestFlight. We've published links previously that allow anyone to join that beta program (open beta).

Regarding the build infrastructure for iOS, it originated as a closed beta. Due to a mistake on my part a few releases back I ended up turning off the whitelisting feature, so we've been treating it as a soft open beta for the time being. In fact, I was just at the Apple Store on Wednesday acquiring some new hardware to add to the build cluster.

The next release of App Inventor (this weekend if all goes well) includes some code level changes so that we can start migrating the iOS build code from our private repository to the public one over the coming weeks. If all goes well I am anticipating that the iOS builds will be turned on for production two feature releases after nb194.


I hope you can achieve success to these next steps. Thanks for all you and your team efforts.
Thanks for all.

Figuring 6 to 8 months between feature releases (as has been the case historically), does this mean August 2024 to about February 2025 or longer before the public can expect to build ipa code.. OK :cry:

Actually, my goal with these next two releases is for them to come in shorter succession, ideally two months or so between releases. The next one will include some additional refactor to the build server that will need to be exercised before the iOS version goes out. Overall that update should be much smaller than the summer updates when we deal with Google's craziness.

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