I want insert audio after open screen 2

Hi, i want to play an audio after the screen 2 will be open.
I just have this, but when i try in my smartphone, the audio doesn´t plays.

I don´t want insert a button to play the audio, I just want play the audio inmediatly after to open screen2


have you set the source for the Player component?

Yes, I do.
The screen2 open after I scan a specific QR:

and my player have this settings:

Which is the extension of the file?

And the size?

The audio duration is 3 seconds, and the size is 39Kb. Im trying the app in iPhone XR, with iOs 17.5. The extension is MPEG

Post the aia.

Which audio format (MPEG is a video format)? The extension should be an audio format like m4a, mp3, ...

I converted MPEG to MP3, my problem was solved. Thank you!

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