I want design app like google visual positioning system

I want design app like google visual positioning system. please guide.how to proceed.

Welcome. What do you mean by google visual positioning system? Can you show an example?


Google’s visual positioning system is not available yet on all phones Akash. Google notes that it isn’t done with the design yet, and the AR version of Google Maps is still being tweaked. Again, there’s also no release date.

This article explains more and gives it a new name now known as Google Maps Live View.

and this article says more .

Google Maps Live View

When an api is available will it work with App Inventor? We don’t know whether Google will even provide an api usable by Android Studio developers let alone App Inventor. At the moment, there does not appear to be a way to use it from an AI2 app.

Does anyone know if an SDK is available for Google Maps Live View? It appears for the moment this can only be provided on some of the newest phones and only by Google…not outside developers.


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