I using if.. else to catagory by number interval condition but not work, please help

Please help, i use this blok but not work

Label_hasil is analog read from arduino via bluetooth

It's not enough what you showed. Also show the values ​​you have in the Label_Hasil.

It also shows how you receive data from bt and how you send it in arduino.

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Using the "if" block on it's own isn't enough. You can use it inside of a WHEN block. For example, use the "if" condition inside of When Button1.Click (you can call it the "check label button"):

It does not have to be a When Block, it would usually be a Clock Timer Block, synched with the timing of the Sketch loop.

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What is the results of this block with different inputs?

Do It results (sorry, wasn't able to capture them):
Label_Hasil = 3.0: Label_Status = High.
Label_Hasil = 0.01: Label_Status = Low.
Label_Hasil = 0.17: Label_Status = Moderate.

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Yes, you can publish your app on the Google Play Store: Uploading Your Apps to Google Play (mit.edu)

P.S. Your English is amazing :wink:

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Link it's page not found

It's OK. But what result the TS has?

I don't understand how can I help you