I use huawei mediapad 10.4 App_inventor can not install to my device


now i use 2 devices.. phone_redmi-8 and tablet_huawei_media_pad_10.4. redmi 8 it is works for debug and it can install apk-app which make​ from ai2 but tablet huawei media pad 10.4 can not, it is clash

this tablet is not support gms of google
now it can not install app_inventor.apk and apk from from app inventor it's clash when install :woozy_face:

is it possible to make my device to support ai2 and app from ai2 :pleading_face:

thank you

Hello Taotao

If I understand you correctly, you want to test your Apps (APK) on the tablet. Although it can't access Google Play, it certainly should run APKs.

Where did you download the App Inventor Companion from?

Hi again

You could try debugging via USB. To do so, you will need to set the Developer mode on the MatePad.

See my site:

Download the Companion APK directly from MIT: