I updated my google account email and now cant get apps or keystore

Hi there i rencently update me google account mail from chrisreid@slingshot.co.nz to chrisreidpc@outlook.com and now i have lost all my old app designs and they keystore so i cant update an old app. can someone please help migrate my projects from one account to the other.


Someone from MIT will help Chris. Please be patient and watch this space. Your Projects should be recoverable.

awesome thankyou thats good news, my keystore also? backup drive got damaged

@THINboxKING I should be able to transfer your projects to your new Google account. Please send me a private message with the old account, the new account, and some information about the projects so that I can verify ownership.

You can send a private message by clicking my name and using the Message button on the pop-up menu.

Note: You should / must

  • back up your projects (AIAs) regularly (download them to the PC) and
  • make sure to back up the keystore. The keystore is azzociated with your account (it cannot be restored; not even by the MIT team, unless they can restore your account).

I back up each of my projects (PC & GoogleDrive) about every hour after I've worked on an app:
projectXY_1.aia → projectXY_2.aia → projectXY_3.aia, ...
because I hate to have worked for nothing. :wink:

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