I turn off bluetooth but it keeps sending data


I have developed an application, bluetooth works fine, but when I turn off blutooth, it continues to send data. This problem does not happen on a Samsung phone, but does it on another phone.

I doubt this, on which one?

It might be, that you are trying to continue sending data, but it is not able to send anymore? Or are you still able to receive data on the other device?


While xiaomi red mi 10 and Reeder P13 Blue have this problem, samsunf models I tried do not have this problem.



Normade security-prevented work should not go away even if I want the data to expire when bluetooht is turned off. This is provided on my Samsung model phone, but in other brand models I tried, even if I turn off the bluetooth, it goes to the data when we have the data.

Post the aia or better a small and simple test aia.
I can check this on one of my Xiaomi test devices (when I have time).

DecLig_V0.aia (245.6 KB)

I added my project thank you.