I tried making a comment section but it wouldnt work. What mistake did i make?

Also what are tags for are they the name of the blocks?

What are you expecting to happen ?

When Screen7.Initialize very first time you won't be able to notice smthing, as there is nothing to show, but as you type smthing in textbox and press Button1.Click, textbox text will be saved to tinyDB.

Now, if you reinitialize the screen second or afterward, you will notice the tinyDB content.

Ohh how do i reinitialize screen?

saving textbox texts to tinydb when a button is clicked so when we go back to the application its still there. And when the button is clicked the tiny db text goes to below it

When switch Screen OR, when you start your app.

Data items consist of tags and values. To store a data item, you specify the tag it should be stored under. The tag must be a text block, giving the data a name. Subsequently, you can retrieve the data that was stored under a given tag.

tag is like a key that you can use to get the value that you previously stored

Does the tag have to have the same name as the name of the block?

Based on your blocks previous comment is over written by the present value ,right? Do you want to continue to write values over there?