I put an image sprite on a canvas and when i see it on my mobille it is in different place.....Why?

Hello from Zakinthos island in europe Greece. ISomething strange is happening probably because of my mobile.... I put an image sprite on a camvas and when i see it on my mobille, it is in different place.....Does anyone know why??? Thank you very much for your time

Probably because you have the width of the canvas set to fill parent. You do not show the settings (x,y) for the sprite, but i will assume these are in pixels.

Try a fixed width for your canvas, see what happens

The alternative is to calculate the relative x position on the canvas, based upon the canvas width

Also, the designer view does not give an accurate representation of positioning, you need to use the companion/device for that.

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Thank you very much. I did it and really helped me very much!

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