I open an external app (using ActivityStarter) (to open samsung mail app) but I can't go back to the original app

I have used the command "adb logcat" to know the "activity package" and the "activity class" and it works correctly, it opens the samsung native mail application, but when I try to exit the mail application and return to my application created with appinventor it does not return, I have to close the app and open it again to go to the home page of my app.
how can i fix it ?

See Connectivity


Event raised after this ActivityStarter returns.

might work.

I believe no.
Some apps are launched independently while some are opened inside your own app. The later one can't be closed normally and when you press back button it'll close your app too.

when I press the back button from the mail I return to the initial screen of the mobile, if I open the application created by me again returns to the mail, to use the application again, I have to give to close everything from the mobile, it does not close in any other way, it would be worth me if the mail was closed well to return back and to open the application created by me without having to close all applications, this if it would be possible?