I Need your a help [app inventor 2 receive data from arduino via bluetooth(hm-10)]


I’d like to have your advice.

When an Arduino sends some values(for example, CDs sensor values)via Bluetooth hm-10 module, I want to see the values on the app screen(made an app inventor 2).
But I don’t know how to make some blocks on app inventors.

I could find some articles using Bluetooth hc-06 modules, but I hard to find the articles using Bluetooth hm-10 module.
Fortunately, I can send some values to an Arduino and control it(for example, control LED on and off using app).

I’d like to show you as below about Arduino source code, App inventor designer and blocks.

  1. Arduino source code
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial BT(2, 3);

void setup() {

void loop() {
  int a = analogRead(A0);
  1. App inventor2 designer and block screen

I have not used the HM-10, in these tutorials I have used the ESP32, take a look, maybe you can get some ideas.

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Thanks for your advice. I’ll check.

Thanks for your comments. I’ll double check this link.

Thank you. I found the solution.

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Can you show the final result , i have the same problem