I need with numbers and text. split 2 digits to separate blocks

Hi all,

I'm making a game for me and my family, where you need to guess a number from 1-9, and then you need to calculate the car's license plate in front of you. For example, the car license is 56-585-87
so you do 5+6+5+8+5+8+7, and you get 44. so far, I have managed to do so with simple + block.

the problem here is that I need to get only 1 digit number not 2, so I need a way also to calculate the 44 like 4+4.

I've no idea if there is a way that the app calculates all the way to 1 digit without me having the need to calculate it myself (not that hard of course).


What does your game have to do with guessing a 1-digit number (1-9)?
Show your blocks.

when I enter the plate number, I press the 'send' button, and the app calculates and gives the result on the 'first_calc' label. then it checks the 1-5 player text to see if anyone got it, and gives a point to the player who guessed correctly.

Something like this:


Thank you so muuuuuuuuuuuch!!!

thanks for the quick reply, and for your time to help. It works like magic.
thanks again.

only 1 thing i found, if the total is 10, it's not sum to 1.

update, got it

@TIMAI2 with your help of course.

Does for me



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