I need to store list instead of value and be able to delete entries

Trail_APP (5).aia (178.5 KB)

I cannot get my delete entry button to work on this, i also need to change the value to a list to multiple dates and entries can be viewed and saved.

Advice i recieved but do not understand: List Delete function will work if .Initialise uses .GetValue to retrieve a List as a value, which can then remove items by index from ListView selection.

can anyone help? I learn best visually if possible thanks team! :slight_smile:

maybe find some tutorial of listview and learn how to use it first.

at least 3 problem of your blocks:

  1. your date list will have only 1 item, you need to use 'append list to list' block instead of 'add items to list'
  2. index in 'remove list item ' should be a number, but you feed it 'listview.selection' which is a string.
  3. Listview. elementsfrom String should be a csv format string, which means comma seperated value.

I looked your aia, it seems that you want to save some notes on diffirent date, but you hard coded the tag, that means you can only save ONE date and ONE note.

The Companion and the Blocks Editor Do It facility are good for that.

Trace your data as it flows through your app with Do It bubbles, so much that the blocks look like pin cushions.

Your app never stores more than one day's notes at a time, judging by what I see in Screen3.

You really need to test your app as you code.

Thanks Kevinkun, could you please show me how those edits would look in blocks?

how would i make it store more than one days notes then? thanks

Here is a single screen daily log to TinyDB app with a Calendar interface.
It stores each day's entry into a separate tag/value.

I recommend doing a Ctrl-C copy of Screen1 , then a Ctrl-V paste into a new screen in your app, then copy over globals and procedures via the Backpack.

You might even read the doc, to see how it works.