I need to save and get values with firebase when user is authenticated

I have a project that works without security rules because obtaining, saving and deleting data is easier

Now I am trying to apply rules to users in the same project with Web and I see that the 2 do not work together if they are not authenticated in firebase



if I delete FirebaseDB1
The message no longer appears and I am still authenticated

I have seen some extensions like FirebaseAuth

but I think it's outdated

Is there a method to save, obtain, delete data with Firebase while being authenticated on the web?

I would like to continue working with this method


You should find everything you need here, no extensions necessary:

I can't find what I'm looking for in this link

I want to work with both of them

Web2 to authenticate me

FirebaseDB1 for Store, Get, Clear

For anyone to be able to begin to help you, you need to show your relevant blocks, screenshots of app, Firebase rules, Firebase console of your data...

these are my authentication blocks

with this block I can get the content of primero
until then everything is fine

these are my rules there includes UID

I appear connected and at the same time permission is denied

apparently they deny this possibility of working with FirebaseDB1

Your rules look OK.

Your projectBucket needs to be set to "primero" to avoid the Permission Error.

if you have the permissions
and still I can't save

I am not sure you can use the firebase component for this.

Use the web component, as I previously suggested, or there are a couple of extensions out there that replicate my work with the web component.

this is one of my big problems
My email fills up with messages due to lack of safe rules

That's why I would like to regulate it per user

Is there a way to authenticate myself with FirebaseDB1 to discard Web1?

I searched many tutorials and couldn't find anything similar.

but I will keep looking for a way, I can't give up

If you have something similar I would ask you to publish it


Can you explain what you mean ?

I mean try to modify this

and work only with FirebaseDB1

There has to be some way to authenticate so that they no longer send me messages to my email.

You can set a rule like this to prevent Firebase from emailing you (until the 6th January 2024!), until you get yourself sorted out with some proper secure rules:

  "rules": {
    ".read": "now < 1704543132000",  // 2024-1-6
    ".write": "now < 1704543132000",  // 2024-1-6


I will try it

I can't get it to convert the date and time into milliseconds.

I have to set it to 7 hours to match

for what is this


Because probably you are located in GMT +7?


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