I need to run a Script when uploading data to Google Sheets via Form

Hi, everybody

Currently I'm working on a problem and I've run into some trouble.

The spreadsheet is updated via Google Forms and i need to preserve some cells with very basic formulas so I created a script (or macro) in Google Sheet so it can load the formulas again. What I want is to run/execute the scrip when I upload the data but can´t seem to work it out.

Your first image is unreadable. Please right click on the blocks editor and save blocks as image, then re-up.

To be able to run script, it would be easier to do the whole thing (upload data, etc.) using a google apps script web app. It should be trivial to set a formula to a cell, but you have to ensure that the formula relates to the cell structure.

Hi, here are the blocks.

How can I configure the google script web app and MIT AI2 so it would be easier?

The main objective of the app is that I can upload data to a Google spreadsheet and then be able to get a chart/graph of this data. Thats what I need to run the script because it will be constantly updated and with every update it inserts a row and moves all the cells formulas.

Does this help ?