I need someone to make an extension for me [file uploader + php script ]

Hello Everyone,

I need someone to make an extension that uploads any file to a super fast CDN [ less than 50 mb ] because max file upload size limitation is that.

I already have the php script working but i'm not that good in java

if you can do that then you will make a great unlimited file uploader extension.

dm me for more details.

Again, extension probably not needed if you are using a php script at the server end to handle the upload:


I mean I want to make it as an extension

so that devs don't care about the file upload extension or size usage , they just attach it and get the file attached url back and we can use later he can delete the file if he wants.

lets say the extension is simple with 2 blocks methods

1- upload file [ file path or url ]
2- after uploaded [ get back uploaded file url ]

Which is essentially this:



Tim has shown you how to make it with only built-in blocks, why use an extension?

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extension to make it more simpler only one block is needed which is the [ postfile ]

plus taking credit for it as extension is better.

you forgot to add your php script here

the extension also has to set the url, same as the web component
also it needs a GotText event to provide the result...
and it will work only together with a php script, which must be installed on the server side
i.e. there is no advantage in using a specific extension...

if you want a solution without installing somethong o the server, then use ftp or scp...
there are already extensions available for that...
for example App Inventor Extensions: FTP | Pura Vida Apps



Hi Taifun

I already have the php script but i need someone to do it to share it with

I can't give everyone the benefit to climb on my shoulder too :smiley:
that's why i asked for whom interested to contact.

I do not understand? Why don't you want to provide the php script?
This can be used on your server only together with your url, and that url stays unknown...
as already suggested.. use the web component...


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