I need some assistance in debugging my code

I have made an app where a user has to verify his mobile number by OTP received by sms. Thereafter Register his mobile number for subsequent log in. I have done the verification and registration part. User is able to log in too. But when app is closed and reopened, user is coming directly to log in screen based on checks, to see if verified and registered, but unable to Log in .

Please show your relevant blocks or a (test) .AIA file

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Thank you for your response. I managed to get it working. Its all GOOD TO GO !!. I was an app I made for authorisation of user by OTP received by SMS, Register user on firebase nd subsequent log in with validation. It working now.

You're saying that you has solved your problem, right, so mark your post as solution and the topic will close after 7 days.
I think the power users can close it right now.

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