I need help with Text to image (sign language from the SpeechRecognizer)

Buenas, estoy haciendo un programa que traduzca tu voz a lenguaje a señas, pero no sé cómo hacer para que de texto se cambie a imagen.

¿Quiere decir que desea hacerlo desde una imagen real pero no desde el Canvas componente?

¡Puedes usar Canvas componente para eso!

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Use the SpeechRecognizer to provide the text you can translate to sign language. Once the words are captured in text, either parse the text you create to 'signs' for entire words or parse for individual letters to produce a sign alphabet ( ASL Day 2019: Everything You Need To Know About American Sign Language )

To provide the text using your voice to elicit a sign language image you might use:

HOW TO: Program the native SpeechRecognizer for Continuous Dictation and to do things . if the text is 'hello and thank you' provide a sign glyph for h , then e then l then l again ...

You probably need a lot of sign language images Brain Storming help (Sign Language) - #7 by Byron_A and American Sign Language Quotes. QuotesGram

What you do depends on how you want the app to work. Produce alphabet signs or phrases.

When the SpeechRecognizer identifies a phrase, perhaps display the sign images or you can 'take apart' the words into letters e.g. word > w o r d and depending on the letter, display an image.

What have you tried?


lo intentaré, gracias!

continuo sin poder hacerlo :slightly_frowning_face:

"I continue without being able to do it" What are you having difficulty with? Do you get the SpeechRecognizer to work ? Is the problem converting the resulting text to sign language glyphs or what.

What specifically have you tried?

You might want to do something like this:

. There are many ways to display the glyphs.

tengo problema en hacer que lea letra por letra con cadenas de texto

What Blocks have you tried?

Here is a Procedure that takes the text in Label1 and separates each letter in a csv file.

Does the example help you?

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