I need help with screenname in MIT App Inventor 2

So I created a procedure in which whatever buttons the user clicks takes them to the specific screen that, based on the buttons clicked, is chosen. Since I dont want a certain screen to open because there can be multiple outcomes, i used open another screen screenName join “Screen” and get colorlist but an invalid screen error comes up. i dont understand how to get it to be adaptive based on the users answers. i can show you the rest of the code if needed.

Don't use multiple screens for this.

This project is all about navigation through a table.

Study the table structure in this sample app:

So should I delete the screens for each color and make one new screen that has all results?

Do you have a handle on how you will use lists and tables for the problem yet?

I am trying to keep the different screens as I am only one block away from finishing. I just do not understand what block would fit in the bottom right of this image.

Export your .aia file and upload it here.



CreateAppFinal.aia (4.1 MB)

I added a list for the different screens I would like it to go to just in case it is needed but you can delete it if you like. Thank you

Here's my approach, using a table:

CreateAppFinal1.aia (4.1 MB)

That would work but I am also required to use a loop in at least one procedure

Write your own reverse list value procedure,