I need help with a code

How would you put TextBox 1 and 2 (text) and move it into label 3 and 4

Also Label 3 and 4 are not visible

By this way

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Still nothing, I tested it in the app inventor app

Doing It over the TextBox and Label will let you know what they are holdiong now,

Live Development, Testing and Debugging

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Were you expecting the text to appear in the Designer ?

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I was expecting labels 3 and 4 to show the text from TextBox 1 and 2 once I pressed save. Anyways, I think I got it.

You are setting the visibility to false, i.e., the labels are invisible. Delete the first two setter blocks and test again (refresh the companion if you are testing it in the Companion).

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Thanks :+1:

How it would be possible when


Can you please let us know how did you achieve this.


I changed from false to true, that's how I did it.

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You said labels should not be visible

But here, labels are visible!

Yes, that is why he changed it.

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