I need help with a calendar type of app

I see a bunch of things on here that I don't get, but I need someone's help with making a sort of "randomizer calendar app". The idea is sort of like a calculator but with dates, whenever you click a number it will give you a random name. If this idea is the same of a calculator I sort of know how to do the blocks part, but how do I make a calendar without me just putting buttons all over the place?

your calendar (i'm assuming one month) will have maybe 7 rows and each row will have 7 columns for the days of the week.. your rows correspond to the horizontal arrangements in the attached image (my first row started with horizontalarrangement2) the labels in the enclosed cells correspond to your days of the week.but notice how my labels are labelled consecutively. you can achieve this by doing these steps.

  1. create the first horizontal arrangement
  2. add the first label (it will be named label1) and configure it with automatic height, width of 14%, select font, font size,alignment of this first cell.
  3. duplicate it 6 times to prodice 7 labels labelled 1 to 7. (ie. highlight the first label , press ctrl-C then press ctrl-V 6 times.
    4, now duplicate THAT horizontal arrangement 6 more times (using same technique). all labels will be automatically numbered sequentially.

while this labelling is so easy in the designer stage, it will be a little hassle when you create your blocks. you'llhave to build an initializing block like this:

but the best part is - the cells making up your calendar are accessible as a list - with label1 pointing t first row, first column, etc. - you can index into the list remembering that it maps into a month.