I need help in list view and text box

I am making messaging app.
In that app have Hiding and unhiding feature
I am using list view for message
And for unhiding this I am using spinner
And for endode and decode I am using
Base loaded extension

But I wrote a block chain

When I try in my companion there a notification
Show that "Bad BaseLoded1"

Use this extension instead (BasesLoaded is broken when installed app):

Base64 String

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By the way why this red cross? Two times used the same event?

That is not any factor beacuse that is dublicated

What is the purpose of taking the number of Elements and feeding that number through a Base64 conversion?

Please give the solution

solution for what? I don't know what you want too achieve...

I want to decode a list
And that shows in a label

what' s this? pick a item from list?


then it is the build-in function of List.
just open the drawer of List and check all the blocks .

Please give the blocks pic

What is encoded to base64, the entire list, or the individual messages ?

You see how important it is to give as much information as possible. Now users trying to help you have to ask a lot of questions.

Individual message

then blocks like this to display last message

A runtime error

Make sure you have items in your list!


Can you give that extraction link