I need help for school, please!

I have to create an App. You select a date with date picker and then it has to show wich weekday that is. so i chose 7th january and then on the display there has to stand "sunday". does anyone know how i can achieve that?

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use the clock component


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And it is always good to search the community since almost all questions have been asked before. :wink:

I am making an app that shows training suggestions. in one textfield there is going to stand a weekday like sunday or monday. i need to make like a block with "if in textfield1 the text says monday then set textfield2 to that text. I know how to say what i need but i dont know how to put these words into the blocks.

There is the block set text and the block text , the first write text in the component the second get you the text (value) of the component. You can find this block for label, taxtbox , button etc

If text1=Monday then set text2 to text1