I need help for making a highlight of some arrangements in one time

Hello, first my english is not good, so I hope you guys understand what will I say.

I wanna make a game, and I want to make something like if I click a textbox this textbox and number below it will change color (the background). And I want to make all of the others textbox which have same number to do the same thing but with different color.

That's first, and actually I don't really understand how the textbox work. If I click it, the keyboard will automatically show up or not? And how I disable it if it automatically, cause I've made keyboard on the screen.

Thankyou :slight_smile:

Can hopefully answer your queries with one image from the blocks editor:

  • Use the when textbox got focus event to changes colours
  • use the anyComponent blocks and a list of textbox components to change the colours of all the other textboxes (perhaps do this first, then change the textbox with focus)
  • use the hideKeyboard block to, hide the keyboard (there is also an extension available to hide the keyboard)

For example:


Thank you for your answer, I have another question, what is component and notalreadyhanded use for?

Here is a discussion and some links regarding any component blocks: