I need help calculating a final average

Hi, I need some help creating an app where I can calculate the final letter grade and average number of 4 grades using 5 textboxes, 1 button where you can let the student know about the final letter grade and average, and 1 label with a minimum of 10 variables. The lowest grade out of the 4 gets dropped and one if statement is used. The final label includes, at a minimum, the student name, the average, and the letter grade. All 3 must be in the same label using a join block.

Show the grade range.. it is not much complicated. Easy only if you follow the rule

If you use lists and the new math blocks this becomes easy but you might be violating homework orders.

The grades that I am using is 83, 92, 81, and 87 and the 81 gets dropped from the final average.


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Can you show me your designer view of this

The only settings I changed were for textboxes 2-5, which i set to numbersOnly.


What additional help do you need? (you keep asking the same question in new topics....)

I followed the model you sent, but the button did not show the final grade and letter grade when I connected it to my phone.

This is what I did:

Try this:

gradeAverage.aia (3.7 KB)

Did you ever correct the code? I have a similar assignment and I tried the code he sent and it didn't work for me.