I need for single touch button connected bluetooth

Hi everyone.I need help with my problem. I did the apk and it works fine.but I want to turn it off and on with a single button.My project is to open and close via bluetooth.

I will be glad if you help. Have a nice working day.

Maybe this extension can help you :

If you don't want to use extensions maybe this can help:

this is only open bluetooth code.does not help me.thanks for your interest and relevance

Do you mean one button like this?

What works fine?

Being able to build an .apk, or
getting the LED to turn on and off?

I have problem arduino thanks for help.I fix arduino problem and try it.

yes.On off working.I need single button on/off

What is wrong with I need for single touch button connected bluetooth ?

Thank you so much for helping me.Can I change the picture in one button now?I'm trying to add a picture instead of the open / closed caption. Is this possible?If possible, could you help me how to do it?

Does this help?

I know this only one pic.When I press the key I want to do, both the command and the picture should change

then in the "on click" code of the button use the "button.image" block to change the pic too!

I found this way thanks

Well great to know that you found it out yourself!
I had suggested the same way though :joy:

I have another problem now.How can I write the Bluetooth connection error