I need an extension to view front camera view, live on an image component

Hello I am Tarq Gaur

I need an extension to view front/back camera view live on an image/vedio component

Maybe this ..?

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but it takes images and i need only to show the front camera view like a mirror

You do not have to take images....

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i can't understand

Try this:

QuickProCam.aia (34.3 KB)

tested on Android 12 using companion.

I am using this code to make an video calling app but when i click on the button the application stops

to find out why use logcat


You may need to "reset" the camera before you initialise again in dataChanged....


these all do not work in apk file

Did you grant the Camera permission ?


Can you tell how to click photo using this.

Did giving the camera permission make it work for you when compiled ?


So which is it ? :wink:

There is are blocks for TakePicture (what the camera sees) and TakePreviewPicture (what you see in the layout). Use these to save the image to the output folder and file name you set earlier.

I need to set the picture on a image and all the above questions that i asked, thank you for telling answers😂