I need a free billing thing

not taifun paid one, a free one

I see you have just purchased Taifun's extension, do you still need a free one as well?

I am only aware of one:

I recommend you read all the topic posts before using it !!

it would not work!

All extensions are here:


i know that. but is there a-
never mind

unfortunately there is no working free billing extension available, which uses version 3 of the Google Billing library...
but you could write your own extension and create the functionality yourself...

more information about how to create an extension see the App Inventor Extensions document
however that will be more advanced and will require some Java skills...


PS: see also @Italo's comment here https://community.kodular.io/t/backgroundtasks-extension-paid/73771/365?u=taifun

You can start learning all you need to learn to do it, then do it, after long days of trying things, testing and failing, all in your spare time, leaving other things you like to do for this.
Then after all that time and intellect invested, just give it out for free so everyone can make money with it except you.
Sounds awesome right? :thinking: :no_mouth:

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