I messed up and made a change without doing a save as

I had this working and changed something, now it no longer shows the picture after I pick from the list. I can't seem to get used to doing a "save as" before I make changes instead of after.
This is just a test to see if it will work before adding to a larger application. I'm pretty sure the problem is in the listview after picking block.

showsJPG.aia (68.0 KB)

Try this one: showsJPG_2.aia (70.1 KB)


Thank you.....Thank you....Thank you.
Just what I needed. I don't think that's what I did before but, I just don't remember. It's saved now.
Could you give some pointers on how to get just the files from folder named "aaa" if there are two folders on that storage area and also how to remove the .jpg from the list view?

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Where is it? Path?

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I want only the jpg files in this path
"storage/08CE-5169/Round Dance/aaa" not "storage/08CE-5169/Round Dance/bbb" or "storage/08CE-5169/aaa"

Try e.g. this:

Anke, thanks for your help. I couldn't get it work just now and it was more of a "I would like it to be this way" than a "It must work this way".
I'll probably come back to it later after I get some other things working. I'm pretty new at this and many times I just don't understand how the explanation fits in with what I'm trying to accomplish. :frowning_face: I'm going to mark it solved because it probably is. :grinning:

Write storage/sdcard/ instead.
Cuz, the name for sdcard is different for every sd card in every phone, even when you reset your phone, the name for the sdcard changes.

So you couldn't be able to use this app on other devices.

Also, this won't run in other devices, as you won't have the permission to write files on the storage folder (except if your device is rooted).

So i suggest to write it as storage/sdcard/

Bye. :wave:

showsJPG_3a.aia (72.1 KB)

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No, I don't.


@SHUBHAMR69 And please only give advice if you know what you're talking about.

When I use the aia you sent, when it opens I get the list of all the jpg files on the and picking one gets the picture on the screen. I expect that because at that point the old method of getting the files is used.

When I use the button "Pick from /aaa/" the result is "/storage/9C33-6BBD/Round Dance/aaa" shown on the list screen, nothing else happens. Pushing the "Pick from extSdcard" button results in all jpgs are shown and it works. I assume that 9C33-6BBD is the name of your Sd card.

I changed the blocks to name my card, 08CE-5169, and again it works when open. This time the result is "/storage/emulated/0/storage/08CE-5169/Round Dance/aaa"

I also tried using storage/sdcard/ with similar results.

I tried it on a different device again changing to it's sd card number. Result is "/storage/FOEC-5B93/Round Dance/aaa"


I know that he is trying to access his sdcard.
And that's why I'm talking about this.


You can't change the blocks for each device right ?

That's why I'm telling you to write /sdcard instead.
So that, you don't have to change the blocks for each device.

Please stop giving false advice that doesn't help anyone and just confuses people. :upside_down_face:


I told that cuz he told the exact path actually.

Ok then, I won't be talking in this topic anymore. :upside_down_face:

Did you try my last aia (showJPG_3a.aia)?

This one:

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This one works. showJPG_3a.aia
I thought I was working with the correct one but, apparently not, It doesn't look like the one I have. It is named showJPG_3.aia how is that even possible?
Anyway problem solved. Thank you for being so much help and being patient with me.

I'm trying to understand how this is written. Where does this come from and how do I change it to some other type of file? It seems to be used in the call procedure.
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