I make app that show file to user based on the location

The data in the file is Arabic I tried to make the file its extension (.CSV), but this extension did not support the Arabic language, so I converted to (.TXT) file the problem is that I want to display the file like a table. I want it to appear as a table . Is there a way

There should be no reason why you cannot have a csv file with arabic language.


  1. open the CSV file in any editor
  2. re-save it with UTF-8 encoding and CSV extension

or upload your text file here, and someone could take a look

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have a problem is to display the data as a table. I tried to implement a way found in a video on YouTube after I converted the file to csv, but the file was not displayed. Is there a way to display the data in an orderly manner in rows and columns?

There are many ways to do this:

By extension e.g. @Ken's Tableview
By html e.g. @Taifun's Dynamic table
By Label - @TIMAI2's an example from me

i used DendritasTable csv from this link https://groups.google.com/g/mitappinventortest/c/B16XCAmuBJo/m/3EYzPa0ABAAJ an d this is the result :worried:
it but every row in csv in col in table

Can you share your csv file ?

Desertfile.csv (1.7 KB)

OK, I know it is in arabic, so grammar may be different, but your file is not formatted correctly for use as a csv. An english example:


See how each item on a row is separated by a comma - ,

Can you edit your row texts and add commas between items ?

i add in comma text then save txt as csv file but this is txt file Desertfile.txt (1.9 KB) is there any way can display table by arabic data ??

just change .txt to .csv ?