I made a project with 12 button in a screen it has big bug

I made a project with 12 button in a screen it has big bug

specially button number 12 , it's automatically write same text property on the textboxes if available even if ( When button click ) event block exists ?

can you please recheck and fix this issue , I can provide you my project to check it by your self

I made only 5 textboxes with 12 button , the button number 12 or any button afterwards will have this weird glitch and bug.

many thank hope you help me fix it or fix this from your side.

Yes please provide your example project, with some more explanation of what the problem is, this is not clear from your first post…

No it’s my problem i guess there’s missing function about buttons of any component left out.

Please export your project and post it here.

problem fixed i found the error sorry i’ll remove the thread.

Hi @Don_Ammar,

There’s no reason to remove the thread. Instead, describe what you did to solve the problem so that if others encounter similar issues they may be able to use your experience to solve them.

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This block was forgotten unhanded all the other buttons names so I added all the other buttons in order not to keep executing the add letters which caused the problem in first place.

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