I made a new extension named AquibTextTools

Hello everyone !
I made a new very simple extension as i am learning to make an extension.

Blocks -

Download - com.appybuilder.masteraquibkhan.AquibTextTools.aix (8.1 KB)


Do you want to tell us what it does and how to use it, or should we just guess?

Each item presents the named character, e.g.

call AquibTextTools1.PlusSign returns +

Is it possible that all this could be done with one block, with a drop down list in @SimpleFunction to select a character?

Hello Aquib

Can you give examples of this extension's use? Why would a User need it instead of the existing App Inventor Text Block?

i am confused by that extension :laughing:

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He told you that this is his first extension, a little respect does not hurt


Somewhere I read the information that extensions cannot create expanded blocks.

that is not possible but maybe appinventor staff can add something like that

What is the benefit of using this extension? Also tell me why should I use this extension instead of my keyboard :laughing:


instead of downloading , importing and dragging out the blocks of it we can just use text block and our keyboard i dont think anyone will use this

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It is possible.


What does the extension actually does??

just returns some keyboard characters

please focus on providing something useful...
your fake antivirus extension and now this keyboard character extension not really helps anyone...
PS: I will close this thread