I lose Bluetooth connection when switching screens

I have an app I'm developing and I'd like to have a secondary screen set up for some testing stuff I wouldn't want on the main screen. I placed a button to switch to the "Test" screen and the test screen just has a return button right now. When I start the app, first thing you need to do is connect to the device with bluetooth and that is working fine. But when I click the test screen button and then return to the main screen, it seems that my app loses the bluetooth connection. The only way I can get it back is to reset my device and reset my connection with App Inventor.
I've attached my file, any help would be appreciated.
Altimeter3.aia (200.5 KB)

Unfortunately, switching Screens breaks connections, since they are separate programs.

Try stacking vertical Arrangements instead of Screens, and have only one of them .Visible at a time.

Oh, OK. That seems like a bad design but at least I know now.

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