I have this message: Segment: Start (1) + length (2) - 1 exceeds text length (0)

Hello, I am a student who is working on a project.
When I try to run the application, the following error message appears : Segment: Start (1) + length (2) - 1 exceeds text length (0).

How can i solve this problem? I will attach my block. Thank you.:slight_smile:

Rx_data_check.Text is empty, but you want to get substring from 1-7?

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Oh thank you for replying, Kevin Kun!!
We will get the sensor value of 1,3,5,7 through the arduino.
What should we do next? :frowning:

make sure the text length is enough. if not, then do nothing

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May I ask you a few more questions?

  1. Why should I increase the length?
  2. What should I set the length to?

Thank you for helping us !

are you sure you have received data from BLE?
Have you seen the received data shown on a label or textbox?

Ok, I'll check the Arduino sensor again can I ask you another question next time ? ..:slight_smile:

Just post your question on community, and some one will help you.
But search the question/answer in the community first.