I have the three little dots at the top of the screen

I put my screen theme on: device default.
I have the three little dots at the top of the screen.
1 ° the infos are in English, is it possible to put them in the language of the country?
2 ° I have “settings”, but nothing happens, is it possible to hang the opening of a screen?
thank you

I found another device I am attaching the photos
thank you.

Make your own ?


We had a student implement the ability to customize the menu. It’s not quite baked but I’m hoping to get it fixed up and into the next release. This will allow you to both change what options are shown and translate them into the language of the app, not just have them in English.

This would be a good opportunity to add an option to the menu to dismiss it.
I have seen apps under test in the Companion and Emulator start up with the menu expanded unrequested.
The dismissal procedure is not obvious. (Back Button? Stab blindly around the menu?)