I have problem with this blocks in chat app

i used fire base to store chat but there is a problem I dont what is
before that i used cloud db from app inventor tutorial but message didn't received at same time
i want help please ??

Hello Elham_Ali

You seem to have a lot of issues in your Blocks. For example, in the Send.Click Box.

If the text in TextBox1 was John Smith, your code would save "John Smith : John Smith" under the tag "chat".

....... but if another User was to be added, because you are using a fixed Tag Name (chat), the previous User record would be overwritten.


How is your chat system intended to work? It would help you and us if you drew a schematic diagram.

is simple chat between to doctor and patient or any two user but when download apk also didn't work the message didn't send at same time when I close the app and open it again i see the message in list view.

As I said.

I don't understand you as I said i using app inventor tutorial to make chat app but It didn't work in two mobile and message didn't remove it remain this is the design

Hi Elham. OK, that's how the Gui works, but what about the App itself?

I don't see the mention of a tutorial in your Topic Elham. The Blocks you have posted could not be from a tutorial (unless it's a very bad one).

We are helping a lot of people at the same time, so it's very important to give us precise, concise information so that we can help you.

A schematic showing how your App is intended to work - if it's directly between two phones then show that - and show how they actually communicate (WiFi, Bluetooth?) and what the communication consists of (perhaps compared to an existing chat App that we are all familiar with such as Whats App, Instagram etc or the phones's built in messenger.

I don't recognize the icon for your Net1 component.
What is it, an extension?
If so, where did you find it?

It is one of vknow360's

I am Sorry for taking a lot of your time, but I do not understand English very well. this is the tutorial that I used did not add any Features except that I changed to cloud DB to firebaase
the two app communicate by WiFi (should I using Wifi
Extension ?) the app like whatsapp but send only messages

Did you test the CloudDB example before you changed the Blocks so you could use FirebaseDB component instead of the CloudDB? Did you compile the app and load the apk into your two devices? To make the app work, you MUST compile the app and install a copy on the devices you want to use to communicate (chat). Did the original coded app work?

It appears that you changed more than the component


The 'equivalent' of the CloudDBFirebase.AppendValueToList control is FirebaseDB.AppendValue . Change this and you code may start to work. :slight_smile:

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thanks for your help

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