I have no idea what's going on

Hi :slight_smile:
We making a game wich is getting the data from a server .
I would like to pass 2 thing to an other screen
(Name and gameID)
The name is depends on the player i can pass that but the gameID is is only '' '' on the second screen .
I've tried it withTinyDB , pass it with open another screen with start value but i just can't.
Any idea ? I dont understand if i can pass the player name why i can't pass the GameID...

Anyone? I've tried everything i know

Try this:

I don't get it...
Do it result is the same

It seems you are getting a list of list as start value.
So select second item of the first item of the list.

Okay I try it

That's what i get back

Then convert CSV table into list.

Doesn't work for me we had online class and the stream was like 1 frame/ 1 minute .
And the teacher didn't give a fxxk.
I dont know what im doing but i have to be done with it in 5hour can you help me with this list thing ?

In the first screenshot, I can clearly see that you have got both items as list in game id and session id
So noe just select first item of list set in Game Id label.

I have had lots of success with using multiple parameters/data between screens using the File component of the Storage Tools. There is an APP in the gallery called CritialDB if you are interested.

Thank you man :eyes:

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