I have no idea what is wrong with my list inside a dictionary inside a list

Ok I am getting a run time error I do not understand. Error: RuntimeError. Irritants: (The operation replace list item cannot accept the arguments: , ["no def jet"], [2], ["0"] Bad arguments to replace list item) When I disable the replace list item block with the not found value of ¨no def jet´ the program works just fine. From what I can tell the only difference between the trouble block, and all the other ones should not give problem.

You asked for the value for key 'all' in item 1 of your list of dictionaries.

But that first dictionary does not have a key 'all', so it returned that piece of not-found text, which fails any attempt to treat it as a list.

holy schiesser it works. and you helped me understand dictionaries in lists with lists, and uncover a problem I didn´t realize

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