I have error in listview

do i have an error here :point_down:t2:?

do you need the aia file?

Here AIA File

TEST.aia (5.0 KB)

thanks in advance for helping :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

That's what you are to share with us, did you receive any error?

no, but when I click the button, the listview doesn't create a new element

  1. You forgot to set ListViewLayout.


  1. You should not use evaluate but ignore result with the CreateElement. It creates a formatted element, but you still need to add that to the list.

TEST_1.aia (5.1 KB)

Check if this works. If it does not work, come back and reply here.

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Okay, wait a minute


that's the result

What result? The ListView?

Remember this.

You have to set the ListViewLayout to Image, MainText and DetailText(Vertical).

yes, you right

It seems that you have forgot to set this.

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This can only happen if you did not set the ListViewLayout properly.

Delete the Refresh blocks. Follow exactly what my blocks do. You forgot the setter block here.

See? I have set the elements to the list, but you did not.


ok I am so sorry, I will be more careful

What is this?

this is in companion

Are you using iOS companion? If you did, it does not work there. If you did not, click 'Reset connection' under Connect, exit the companion app and reconnect again.

no, I not, I use android companion

Ok, i will test it

This is proof that it is working on my side.

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