I have a problem keeping my BT connection alive while jumping through screens

Hello geniuses

first of all am new to App invertor . i managed to get a successful BT connection even when going from home screen to other screens however when going back to home screen connection lost . when i hard coded the connected BT address this issue is not occurring .

attached is the aia file for you to see what am doing wrong . hope you can help me

KH_Guardian_Current (1).aia (71.0 KB)


See here


thanks for the reply however am confused how come there is no connection issues between screens if i hard coded the connection address but when retiring the connection address from a component such as LABEL or TEXT or LIST PICKER issues occurred specially when getting back to main screen .

The screen components contents are wiped when you leave the screen. Memory is rented, not bought.

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Thank you . Any clue how to work around it or fix it @ABG

I notice in your app none of the screens use TinyDB.

TinyDB tags live across screens, and are immediately available.
Use TinyDB tag/values for each variable in each screen, and refresh screen components from them when screen.initialize and when other screen close.

But that won't help with losing BlueTooth connections across screens.

If you can manage the mess, entire screens can be copied in the Designer (Ctrl-C) and pasted into empty stacked Arrangements in other (hopefully new) Screens. Take a Project->Export first, in case of disaster, and watch for duplicate Events after the paste, and go back for dropped global init blocks.